Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Love Begins

Good Morning. The card that came for us today is Love Begins. This card came for us two weeks ago, maybe there is something we did not take to heart, so she came back. Our card is telling us that changes could be coming in our personal lives or our careers. She is coming to remind us to keep our hearts and minds open for someone who may be like minded. This person could be a new friend, business partner or coworker. Together we could help each other build or complete something beautiful. Before any of this can come into play we must take a good look at our truest selves and ask. “Is there anyone we need to forgive?”  Have we let ourselves or someone who plays and important role in our lives down? We can’t move forward into today‘s blessings and enjoy them with this a blocked heart. Be safe, see you next week.  

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a one day and we have a one card! This number is about new beginnings, courage, energy and being open to possibility. So let’s grab this energy and make it a grand day.  

Thank you Terry for today’s guest reading!
Her blog can be found at momterryfeel free to check it
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