Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Gathering Your Tribe

Our tribe is the group of like minded people who love and care about us. They could be family, friends or a mix of both. Their attitudes and beliefs are similar to our own and we feel safe being who we really are around them. Knowing that we are loved and supported means the world, it gives us the confidence to dream and to reach for those dreams. Gathering Your Tribe chose us and brings the message that today is a day to put what we need at the top of our lists and it’s ok sometimes we need to put ourselves first. We’ve had a lot on our minds lately and maybe even feel a little overloaded with responsibility. Gather the tribe today for a long lunch or even drinks after work. Tell them what is on your heart and relax. The support we need to keep going will be all around us and the universe will take care of the rest.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is the first Master Number of the month and we have an 11/2 energy to help us. The high energy of the day will encourage us to get a lot accomplished and in the process find our sense of harmony and balance again.

Today’s Crystals

Today is about self love and friends. To accompany this energy I chose Rose Quartz and Carnelian.

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