Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Thunder Drum

Not everyone is comfortable being the person in charge, the voice of a cause or recognized as an authority about a topic or an issue. They are happy to be in the back ground quietly doing their thing. Sometimes, though, life has other plans and today could be one of those days for us. Thunder Drum came forward with the message that it’s time to stand and be counted. This is a card of authority and passion. Don’t be shy about who you are and what you believe today. Don’t worry about what people may think. Get involved, take a risk, make a stand for what you are passionate about and what truly matters to you. This could be the beginning of something amazing.

Today’s Universal Number 

Four is the energy of the day and we are setting the foundation and the guidelines for ourselves and what we believe in, for what is important to us.

Today’s Crystals

As usual I had trouble deciding which crystals to accompany today’s card. there is such a variety of choices. I don’t want to use anything that is difficult to find or overly expensive. My goal with this section of the Daily Draw is to help you, my wonderful readers understand how the use of crystals can benefit so many areas of your life. So I chose three today. Moonstone has a gentle calming energy but she packs a punch. Her energy helps us redefine and reorder our lives. She gives us a boost in our intuition and confidence. Fire Agate has a lower vibration than some other choices, but it’s energy gives us a drive to action, it increases our passion and gives us courage to follow them. Finally we have Citrine, this is a staple for me. It brings us energy, creativity, joy and light.

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