Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Sacred Mountain

In a time when most everything is instantly available, waiting is not something that many people are willing to do. Televisions have remote controls, coffee pots have pause tabs so we can grab a cup before the brewing process is complete. Even a couple of minutes at a traffic light can seem like an eternity. Sacred Mountain came to tell us our best action today is to do nothing. We may have an important decision to make, are we searching for something we can’t put into words, or it could be that we are fast approaching our stress limit and need a break. Our card asks that find a place away from the noise of our lives and be still. Breathe, resist the urge to hurry through this process. Let go of the lists and schedules swirling around our minds. Don’t do anything if it doesn’t feel right in the moment. Enjoy the solitude. It’s in the silence that truth and wisdom are found. Here we will find the answers and restore our personal power. The quiet gives us back our connection to the divine. Stay as long as necessary, our heart will know when it is time to leave this place. The door is always open to us, so we can come back anytime!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is five and this energy seeks movement, action and change. It could serve us well today.

Today’s Crystals

For seeking our inner truth I chose Apophyllite and Labradorite. Apophyllite is a fantastic choice for finding our truth and acting on it. Labradorite is about transformation, it will raise your awareness to help you find and become your truest self.

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