Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Peace Pipe

The most difficult lessons we encounter in any given lifetime revolve around healing the wounds that our relationships can create. As humans we are designed to be tribe centered. We need the interaction of close family and friends to help us grow into the people we are meant to become. Even loners have some amount of contact with people now and then. Knowing that everyone has something to teach us is helpful but little comfort when a relationship is strained and we aren’t sure what to when anger, disappointment, frustration, judgment, and love are all mixed up with neither party listening. If the relationships is truly important the only thing we can do is try to repair it. This is where today’s card, Peace Pipe, comes in with the message that perhaps it’s time to put our attention to mending some broken bridges. Do we have someone in our lives right now that we have a difficult time being around? Is there a past hurt or insult that we have been hanging onto? We don’t need to carry around negative energy from the pain of old forgotten misunderstandings or being let down over and over. Do what you can to heal these broken friendships today. Make a call or send an email. If you can’t talk face to face and work it out. If all else fails, send a message of forgiveness out to the universe and believe that it is complete. Forgiveness is the ultimate act of self love. It doesn’t mean we will forget, it does mean that we love ourselves enough to leave it behind and move on.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy could not be more perfect. We have a six and she is focused on relationships. This energy is about harmony, caring, sacrifice, nurturing, loving and protecting those people that we love. Are there some people we need to create a sense of harmony with?

Today’s Crystals

To be able to forgive and have harmonious, loving relationships I chose Rhodonite, Apache Tear and Rose Quartz to accompany today’s card.