Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Grandmother Earth

The beauty of this year is it’s a one. We have a year long opportunity to take stock, plan and get things moving in the directions we want them to go.  As the sun rises each day on new opportunities we can choose to embrace them and plant seeds for the future, or continue with what we are working on. The seeds we plant will grow, but whether they produce abundantly for us hinges on how much effort we put into nurturing and caring for them and ourselves. This is where our card for today comes in. Grandmother Earth asks us to stop and see how we are doing as we work our way through May. Are we on track? No worries here, we still have plenty of time to make changes. She tells us to ahead and make plans for the future, but don’t act on them until we are certain that everything is in place, we are ready with a solid plan and we are prepared for the work ahead.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a seven day and we are on a path to knowledge and wisdom. Seven wants the facts, any decisions we need to make aren’t going to be made on emotion alone today.

Today’s Crystals

Again there were many crystal to choose from today but for the new, new ideas, new opportunities or change I chose Aventurine and Nephrite. Aventurine motivates us, keeps us positive and brings new opportunities. Nephrite will protect us from failure and bring us positive changes.

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