Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Freedom Horse

From the time we are children we are taught to do what we are told, to conform, to follow, to be ordinary. We grow up, find a job we may or may not like, get married and have kids, then the cycle continues without the realization that any kind of choice exists. There are times of course when choices are made for us whether we like it or not, like at our jobs, but that is not today! Freedom Horse came to tell us we are not meant to be ordinary. Break free and express yourself today, sing, dance, think big, blow your own horn. Be anything but predictable because there is no mold for unique. Each of us has the ability to make our own life choices, we can choose to say “No” and we are free to decide how we react to what life brings us.  Run free today, feel the wind in your hair and choose happy. Life may never be perfect, but it can always be happy.

Today’s Universal Number

Nine is our universal energy today. This is a stop on the journey of love and a transition point. Being a number of completion, we may find ourselves wanting to finish up projects or we could  be facing an ending of something. Perhaps clearing out negative energy or a bad habit, releasing what is not for our highest good in preparation for a new beginning.

Today’s Crystals 

This is an interesting card, choosing just the right crystals to accompany it was kind of fun. Every situation in life has crystals that will assist whatever is necessary like healing, clearing, or a new opportunity. For todays card I chose Aquamarine and Kyanite. Aquamarine encourages movement. It eases our mind and frees our soul to make the choices best for us. Kyanite is an awesome crystal. It’s energy doesn’t mess around, it gets right to work clearing blockages that hold us back.

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