Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Answering The Call

Everyone, at one time or another feels the need to do something, or go somewhere. The desire is strong but it’s set aside because fear or practicality steps in and says there isn’t enough money, it’s not the right time or even worse an inner voice that says “You could never do that.” So we wait for just the right circumstances or moment that will never come. The desire never goes away and sometimes we see little reminders that bring the dream to the front of our memory and it eats away at our confidence. Some people spend so much time waiting and brooding over the “what if” that they miss the joys of living in the here and now, well today’s card, Answering The Call, is here to tell us “No more waiting!” Just make the decision to get going. There is always going to be an excuse to wait, fear will find all kinds of them for us. We know that, but do it anyway, take the risk anyway. Get started, make the plans, do the research. Sure it might be expensive, or a huge risk, but just do it, try! Do you need to have a serious talk with someone and you’ve been putting it off? Take a deep breath and do it. Having the conversation is better than living a lie. Taking a risk is better than spending our lives wishing we had. Living the experience is better than looking at pictures in a magazine and wishing we could go there. Whatever it is, You Can!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is one. A new beginning, a fresh start. So be brave, be bold, think big and take charge of the day. Let’s get going!

Today’s Crystals

I chose carnelian for today’s message because it is a crystal of passion, action, courage and confidence.

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