Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Six of Disks

Unexpected help at just the right time is always welcome. The generosity of someones time, knowledge or even finances when needed can go a long way to help get somebody to a more secure place. The Six of Disks came up for us today and it tells a story of giving and receiving. Are we the giver or the receiver today? Maybe both, somebody might see a need they can help you with, accept gracefully. If you see someone who could use a little help, step up and be that help. If you see a co-worker struggling, share your skills and knowledge. If someone is upset, give some time and a shoulder. Buy the homeless guy you pass everyday a meal. Be the change today. The winner is not the person with the most money, it’s the one with the kindest heart.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal number is 22/4. this is a high energy number focused on building a solid foundation. The cycle of giving and receiving  is a part of this building process.

Thankyou BJ for today’s guest reading!
BJ is a private person so if you would like to contact him
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