Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


If you were going to make a list of people who were the greatest leaders in your life and had a big influence on the direction of your path, who would you put on the list? A Parent, teacher, coach, a good friend, or maybe even a clerk in a local shop. A good parent guides their child along a path that teaches right and wrong, they see where their child’s interests are and encourages that interest. Then a teacher steps in, sparks curiosity and inspires the child to question and think on their own. A coach may train the child to challenge their bodies to perform beyond limits that the child may not have thought possible. Then there is the good friend that will always stand with the child and keep their secrets. So what is the point here. Elder came to tell us that we are all leaders. We’re not all CEO’s of some fortune 500 company or in politics or anything like that but everyone is in a position to serve and guide someone, be it a family member, a friend or that lonely little boy or girl that comes into the shop to “look around” be mindful of the effect that your words and actions have on others today. Be strong, speak your truth and be willing to step up and be the leader if necessary.

Today’s Universal Number 

We have a six energy today and this is a focus on relationships. On caring, nurturing, and service to others. What a perfect energy for today, use it well.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Carnelian today because it is a crystal helps us be brave, and find our voice.

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