Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Great Mystery

Having faith and trusting that there is something bigger than ourselves guiding us in a world that appears to have gone mad is a challenge, but faith is the message of today’s card, Great Mystery. Everything that is became something because someone believed in its possibility. Believe today that you are exactly where you are meant to be and that you are being divinely guided. The seeds of your dream have been planted and it’s time for God, by whatever name you call him, to do the rest. The future is not clearly in sight. If it were there would be no reason for faith or trust. Both are vital so trust that the universe is full of infinite possibilities. Have faith in yourself, your dream and your ability to manifest it and trust that as you follow your path today those infinite possibilities will guide you to your goal.

Today’s Universal Number

We are closer to the end of another cycle with an eight energy today. This is a strong energy that focuses on balance and order between our physical and spiritual lives. If we stay on track we can get a lot accomplished today. Be confident in your abilities and your dreams and know that everything will work out.

Today’s Crystals

For faith and guidance there are many crystals to choose from but I chose Amethyst and Angelite today. Amethyst opens up our spirituality and helps us grow our faith. Angelite helps us connect to our guides and receive guidance.

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