Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


To do lists are wonderful things, they give us a rundown of the most important items that need to be accomplished in a given day. For some people though a list like this is a painful reminder of the expectations, so they jump from item to item in an attempt to maximize their time and efforts to get more done. This never works of course. The only thing that happens is scattered energy and focus with nothing real to show for it. There is another group of people who get distracted, lose their focus easily and wind up the day with little or nothing to show for their time. The result of both scenarios is that we end up feeling horrible about ourselves and perhaps have an unhappy boss or spouse to answer to. Tracker chose us today to say that this could be one of those days when focused energy is important. Instead of trying to get everything on our lists done, prioritize it so we can focus our attention and passion on what is most important first. When that’s done we can move on to the next most important thing. If something doesn’t really need to be done today, make it a lower priority or take it off the list altogether. That lovely trick will reduce our stress and free up time. If something doesn’t need to be done by us specifically, delegate it to someone who is capable and have them check in with progress reports. By doing what we can today to be more single minded and less distracted we will get more done and be closer to our goals.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a transition day. We are once again at a nine energy and we are getting ready for a new beginning. This means that we may need to get some things in order and check any plans to make sure everything is ready to go.

Today’s Crystals

For focus I chose Flourite and Unakite. Flourite is a crystal the gives us clarity and helps us stay organized. It’s a great piece to keep in the area where studying is done to help students retain information. Unakite helps us stay calm and focused so we can visualize our goals and stay on track to reaching them.

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