Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


When you get a group of friends or family together the conversation will usually come around to “Do you remember when?” and the stories begin to flow. Everyone shares their experiences of the fun, bravery and foolish chances taken, perhaps even of opportunities missed. Somewhere between Highschool Graduation and our mid twenties the drive to experience all that life has to offer gets lost or replaced by responsibilities of adulthood. The card, Storyteller chose today and asks, Why is that? Why do we suddenly decide that life must be lived from a distance because we reached a certain age? The message of our card today is that life is meant to be lived, not watched. So think big today. make the most of every moment. Do something fun and different. Get the roller skates out of the garage and see if they still fit, go sky diving, sign up for a yoga class. We are the ones that place the meaning on our lives, not anyone else. Turn the tv off, get up, break the cookie cutter that says because we are of a certain age we must stop learning, growing and having big fun and write a story today that will thrill your current or future grandchildren.

Today’s Universal Number

We begin another cycle today with a one energy. We have a new beginning today so be bold, get out there and think big.

Today’s Crystals

As usual trying to decide which crystals to choose was most difficult but I chose Sodalite, Citrine and Carnelian. Sodalite is a crystal that enhances thought. It gives us clarity and helps us focus and concentrate. If you want to learn a new skill or gain insight and knowledge, this is a great choice. Citrine is one of those all around good crystals to have. It’s a crystal that lifts your mood and opens you up to creative ideas. It encourages individuality and self confidence. Carnelian is the color of passion. It will give you the courage and motivation to keep going.

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