Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Have you ever seen a Havana Brown? They are beautiful, their color ranges from a deep, chocolate brown to a lighter milk chocolate. What makes them so interesting is their green eyes and brown whiskers. The Havana is the only breed whose whiskers are the same color as the coat. They are a very social breed but they can be a bit of a diva. When they get an attitude they will toss a “Don’t you dare follow me look” at you and go off on their own. This is what the message of our card, Annoyed, brings us today. We might find ourselves being triggered by something and wind up in a mood. If this happens, don’t take it out on family, friends or coworkers, nobody deserves to be snapped at. Talk about it but if you’re too upset, get off by yourself or wait until you can talk about it calmly. Holding off gives a person time to work through the issue and maybe discover no offense was meant, you don’t have all the information you need or even that you are the one that is wrong. Have a pleasant day!

Today’s Universal Number 

Our universal number is 11/2 today and it’s energy of peace and harmony can go a long way to help us remain calm in the face of something that sets us off.

Thankyou BJ for today’s guest reading!
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