Crazy Times

by elementhealing


I am a person that likes order
things need to make sense
Being a Taurus, I like
things to be comfortable
There was a time that
I feared chaos
I felt that to give in to
the flow of the unknown
meant that everything would
fall into a mass of broken
lives and dreams heaped on the floor
Its been a crazy ride the last few months
Many things have changed
I’ve learned to embrace chaos
Sometimes everything needs to
fall apart to some degree
Things need a good shake up
to make room for whats coming
for the clouds to clear
It’s a matter of believing in
the process of life and growth
Of believing in yourself
your potential and your dreams
To know that letting go
of what doesn’t serve our highest
good may be painful
but what on the other side is
so much better
Life, and everything we want
it to be is on
the other side of

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon