Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Grandmother Earth

Have you ever hit the snooze button one too many times then realize “Oh shit” you take the fastest shower on record, burn your tongue on a swallow of coffee, then sprinted out the door? Of course you hit every single red light on your way to wherever you needed to be and the entire day is spent feeling like you’re late. Playing the catch-up game is sooo fun! It’s not of course. Today we could be feeling like we’re running late, at the back of the pack and we need to do something to get ahead. Grandmother Earth is here to tell us that we don’t need to be in a rush today. It’s not time to make a move yet. Slow down, breathe and ground yourself. Do any research necessary, make plans and plant the seeds of intent but don’t make any move forward until the timing is right. If you pay attention to what is going on around and within, you will know when the exact moment to move ahead arrives.

Today’s Universal Number

If time is an illusion, why does it slip by so quickly? We’ve found our way back to eight already. This energy will help us to slow down and get organized. Like a four, the eight is about structure, order, and reliability. Four lays the groundwork, but the eight kicks it up a notch and looks for balance. It’s a strong number. There is an air of power and authority to the eight, but because it wants to be a master of its strengths and abilities. The eight will not act untill it’s ready.

Today’s Crystals 

I thought I would pick a couple of crystals that are good for grounding our energy. I chose Shiva Lingam, Shungite and Moonstone. The Shiva Lingam is a type of quartz. It’s energy works with the kundalini to raise and ground its energy as well as connecting the kundalini and the hara lines. Shungite is a very old crystal. It is a good choice for grounding and protection and is a kind of shield against EMF’s. The Moonstone called out and wanted to be added to this selection at the last moment. I wasn’t sure she fit into this category at first but then I saw why. Moonstone strengthens our intuition and psychic abilities, but also helps us reorganize our lives to keep us on our path. So, in a way she works to ground us to our purpose here.

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