Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Let Love be your Beacon

When we look back at events in our life, have there been cringe worthy situations? You know the ones. Those hand to the forehead, why did I say that or do that moments. Quite often those were times where handling a tense moment would have gone better if we had listened to our intuition and let love lead us instead of our ego. Let Love be Your Beacon came to let us know that we could find ourselves in a situation where emotions are strained today and all we want to do is blow a gasket. Don’t do that. Go ahead an speak your truth, but not before taking a moment and consider all sides of the issue. Love doesn’t mean keeping silent for the sake of harmony. It means changing our approach to how we handle things. When we act from a place of love, problematic situations open to greater communication and the result is a better opportunity to build bridges to a resolution that works for everyone.

Today’s Universal Number

Ready or not, here we are. Hello June! We begin this month with a nine day. Her energy is about transitions, brotherhood and tolerance. Nine is also the third step on the path of love. She asks us to expand ourselves beyond our view alone and see the big picture. What effect do our words and actions have on others? Lead with Love.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Rose Quartz and Moonstone today. Rose Quartz because it’s a heart chakra crystal and helps us act from a place of love. I chose moonstone to help us pay more attention to our intuition and it also helps us reorganize our lives allowing us to see and feel beyond ourselves.

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