Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Fresh Approach

What do we do when the tried and true efforts to fix something just aren’t working the way we’d like them to? If it’s a household appliance, a cellphone or computer we have options. We can try to get it repaired, live with it or get a new one. It’s a hit to the finances, nonetheless a relatively painless fix, but what if the problem is a bit more personal. Perhaps an issue with a project at work or we are feeling stuck n a rut. That is going to take something bigger and our card, Fresh Approach, brings us a solution wrapped in a challenge. When the old ways have failed to solve an issue its time to step out of that old way of thinking and try something new. We can, of course, do nothing. But, when the possibilities to reinvent a project or to discover a new aspect of ourselves are endless. Why not try? Make the best choice for you today and go for it! Don’t worry about making a wrong choice. If it doesn’t work out it’s a lesson learned, simply make the next best choice and try again. Think big, be bold and try something new today. Are you up for a challenge?

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is perfect for our card today. We have a one day ahead of us and it’s calling us to step up and create the life we desire. Use the qualities of the number one, it’s drive, courage, the pioneering spirit to take you where you want to be.

Today’s Crystals

Today’s crystals are Amazonite and Tigers Eye. The beautiful blue green of the amazonite helps us make the best decisions to move us forward into a new beginning. I chose the tigers eye because changes can be scary and this is a stone that will help us release any fear associated with trying something new.

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