Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Growth and change is a vital part of life. Nothing was designed to remain stagnant, life won’t allow it. Seasons come and go through their cycle of birth and death. Animals begin as cute babies then grow and learn to find food and finally become magnificent adults. People learn and grow as well and relationships evolve as each person becomes who they are meant to be. The card Expansion came up today to remind us that we are in a period of growth. We are half way through a year long new beginning. It’s an exciting time and frustrating too. Sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as we would like. Our card asks us to pay attention to what is happening around and within us today. Connect with your intuition. Don’t fight the flow of change. Ask the questions you need to ask in order to discover who you are. Do the research, take the risk, watch for opportunities and reach for who you want to be.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a master number day. We have the 11/2 and its energy may find us a little introspective. The eleven is a number of higher thought, the spiritual teacher and the visionary. It’s the number of the Godhead, and holds within this energy great integrity, truth, strength, love and a desire for peace and balance.

Today’s Crystals

I couldn’t decide which two crystals to use today so I decided to use all four. We are talking about life changes. My two favorite crystals to use when I need to make sure I am still on my path is Labradorite and Moonstone. Both of these are about transitions and making choices that move us forward. Both work well to connect us to our intuition and amp up our psychic abilities. I chose Aventurine to bring to new opportunities and finally I picked Nephrite. This is a type of Jade. One of the cool things bout Jade is that it is a crystal which kind of forces you to be uniquely you and not be like everyone else. It energy is calming and will help smooth the rough edges that might keep us from moving ahead. Jade is also a stone of abundance.

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