Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Inner Truth

What is truth? It can be a tricky thing. An event witnessed by five people can have five different versions of what happened. Five truths, each is correct based on each witnesses perspective. Within ourselves we have varying layers of truth that help us sort out our feelings, needs and desires. Inner Truth came forward to let us know that while we are well on our way to discovering our personal truth, there may be some inner work we have to do today. Recent events in the world or our lives may have challenged what we knew to be true and journeying within is the best way to work with and process the information to redefine our truth. Don’t worry that the inner work may throw you off your path. This time of investigation is necessary in order to be ready for the new opportunities that are just about here. Be willing to go deep and do the work today. It might not be easy and it could be emotionally painful, but knowing ourselves and our truth is a jewel worth digging deep for.

Today’s Universal Number 

How fitting that we move from yesterdays journey into higher thought to todays three energy of self discovery. As you know three is a joyful and creative energy. On the surface the three is a number that likes to get out and have some fun. It’s a number that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it is also the first stop of the journey of love and that is a lesson of self love. Discovering who we are and what we stand for. So do the inner work but don’t forget to have fun too!

Today’s Crystals

For discovering truth I chose Kyanite and Rutilated Quartz today. Kyanite is a pretty cool crystal. I am doing some work with it right now in combination with labradorite. Kyanite is a high vibrational crystal that will work to help you examine your life and beliefs. It will help you connect with your inner guidance to find your truth. Rutilated Quartz is a crystal that will help you find the truth that may be hiding behind a situation. It’s also a great energizer, if you want to get things moving this is a good choice to help make that happen.

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