Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Be In Service

The universe sits on a balance of give and take. We have light so there is also dark. There is good so we must also have bad. Unfortunately it seems we live in a very fear based “me-centric” age. We hesitate to interact with people for fear that something bad might happen. It’s as if the more technologically advances the less kind and giving we become as a society. The card that came up for us is Be In Service and it asks us to give back today. If we look around there are many opportunities to do a kindness for someone. It doesn’t even need to be a huge time consuming thing. We can smile and say hello to someone and tell them to have a nice day, hold the elevator door so the person behind you doesn’t miss it, pay for the person behind you when going through a fast food line (a personal favorite) How about getting a group of friends together to clean up a local park, or offering to mentor a co-worker. Helping people makes you happier, and raises your and the planets vibrational energy too, so why not see how many random acts of kindness you can do in a day and spread some happiness vibes!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is five. This numbers focus is change, variety and moving forward. Why not change the world a little bit!

Today’s Crystals 

The crystals I chose today will help raise our love and kindness energy. I chose Rose Quartz of course because it’s love centered, but I also chose Malachite to help us let go of negative energy and feel more connected to people, Sodalite for its lessons in compassion and Aquamarine to help overcome judgment.

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