Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Make A Decision

How many times have we made a promise to ourselves to make a change in our lives or do something we’ve been wanting to do then never did it? Oh sure we might start out strong and stay on track for a while but then, for whatever reason, we stop. The card that came up for us today is Make A Decision and she is here to ask us “How important is it?” How sincerely do we want to lose the extra weight and get back in shape, to take the trip we’ve been dreaming about, to find a job we love instead of hate, or maybe even start our own business? Everyone has a dream, and the only thing stopping us from making it happen is ourselves. Maybe we spent too much time listening to doubters, or we let our own limited beliefs get in the way. The doubters and the haters are always going to be there and yes sometimes we struggle to believe in ourselves, but whatever that dream is, can be reality. Make the decision to get started today, just get going. You don’t have to know how it’s going to work out. Start from where you are and keep going one step, one day at a time. Go ahead and make the decision to put the doubts and fears behind you and build the life of your dreams!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is interesting because we have a lot of ones going on. It is the 11th day of the month, we have the 11th card in this deck and we also have a one day. That is a whole lot of one energy! There are no coincidences in life, only synchronicity. Let’s get going, we have dreams to build! ❤

Today’s Crystals

For making big decisions you want a crystal that will resonate with your 3rd eye chakra. You want to be able to see yourself, living the life you want in your mind’s eye. For this I chose Amethyst and Rutilated Quartz. I also chose Carnelian to help us overcome any fears associated with making the commitment to do it.

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