Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Let Love Be Your Beacon

Have you ever been to a light house? The strong light on top of the tower sends out a signal to ships, warning them of a dangerous coastline or a safe harbour. The light is a guide for sailors to help them navigate their way safely. Let Love Be Your Beacon came up for us today to let us know that we could find ourselves in some emotional or tense situations as we go through our day. How we choose to handle these situations will set the days tone for us as well as everyone around us. If we approach the issue from a place of love it will allow everyone involved to relax. Once this is done the lines of communication will open and a harmonious resolution can be found to whatever the problem is. Be the beacon lighting the way today.

Today’s Universal Number 

The universal number today is two. This is a number that seeks peace, harmony and cooperation. it’s an excellent energy to accompany todays card.

Today’s Crystals

Rose Quartz seemed like a good choice for today. It’s a crystal the is all about unconditional love and compassion for ourselves and others by encouraging forgiveness and acceptance and peace.

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