Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Ten of Knives

Have you ever hit rock bottom, that place where you had no idea what to do next? It’s a horrible place; fear and panic come in leaving you feeling alone and friendless. Something may change, or perhaps already has that could find us experiencing a variety of emotions ranging from frustration, anxiety, fear, disappointment, anger and despair today. The Ten of Knives has come to talk to us about drastic or unexpected change. At first sight this card takes your breath away and leaves you thinking “Oh God, what am I going to do now?” The first thing to do is breathe, ground ourselves and release the fear and panic. They aren’t going to help so let that shit go. Where nine is completion in numerology, ten is that place in the tarot. The lesson of the suit of knives is that we are not the master of our thoughts and emotions. If we were life would be completely different wouldn’t it? Plans change, things fall apart, sometimes quite dramatically. Yes our card is about abrupt change but it’s also about new hope and new beginnings. The sun is rising behind those knives! Infinite possibilities are there for us if we just look for them. When something doesn’t go as planned and we are left feeling broken and defeated we need to ask why so that we can regroup. Spend some time reflecting on what went wrong. Were the expectations unrealistic? Were you headed in a wrong direction and didn’t see it? Are you caught up in limiting thoughts and beliefs? Was this situation what you truly wanted? Were you giving the situation your full attention of effort? Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to see that we were trying to control something that wasn’t meant to be. If we let go of what we think we want we open ourselves to opportunities we probably would have overlooked if things had gone as planned, we might find something amazing!

Today’s Universal Number

We have the eight energy to help us today. It’s search for balance and organization will help us get things back in order and heading in the right direction.

Today’s Crystals

I chose two quartz based crystals, Amethyst and Citrine, because we can use the release of negative energy right now and Flourite for its ability to bring us clarity. Amethyst is a wonderful crystal that will help in transmuting the fear, anger, frustration and all the other oppressive emotions we might be feeling. The sunny yellow citrine will raise our mood and give us the hope and confidence to see that there are possibilities out there. We aren’t defeated, things might have changed but we are not beaten!

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