Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Hope & Happiness

I don’t necessarily like the word hope. I feel it’s an over used or misused word that makes us feel like we are not worthy. Either we believe or we don’t; but I must admit that there are times when what we have is a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel and all we can do is hang onto that little bit of light with all our strength. This is where true hope turns to trust and faith in whomever we call God. I was guided back to my Nature Whispers deck and Hope & Happiness chose us today to let us know that we have reason to celebrate. We hung on through the dark times and that sliver of light is getting larger. We can open up and let optimism replace any remaining fear because the promises made are being kept. There will be more dark and hard times in the future, we know that. It’s in the hard times that we learn our lessons and discover how strong and amazing we are. So lets listen to our intuition. It will show us where to go from here. Have a little victory celebration today, we aren’t totally out of the dark yet but things are getting better and that is reason to have hope and be happy!

Today’s Universal Number

You all know how I love numbers. We have an interesting combination of them today. Universally it’s an 11/2 day. The combination of 11 and 2 is fascinating to me. The one is totally masculine, it’s bold and energetically burns like the sun. There is growth and movement in the 11. The 2 is feminine, intuitive, peaceful and nurturing. Combined we have a day where we might be looking for a little balance in our lives and as the 11/2 is the doorway to higher consciousness, our thoughts might take us to our spiritual side. Be gentle with yourself today.

Today’s Crystals 

The crystal I chose today is Yellow Calcite. This piece of loveliness is full of confidence and hope. It works well with the solar plexus chakra and give us the space to see that things will get better. It helps us clear old negative energy patterns of thought and behavior and self-doubt that don’t do us any good, then replace them with self-confidence and the drive to move forward.

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