Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


How many times have we had our inner selves tell us “Do this or Don’t do that?” Of course we didn’t listen and whatever we were being guided to do or avoid didn’t go well, then we beat ourselves up for not listening. Trusting our intuition takes time but it’s well worth it learning how it speaks to us. Understanding our inner radar can help us be more creative and take action sooner than others might because we instinctively know what is going to work. The card that came up for us today is Intuition and she asks us to pay attention to what is going on today and how we react to it. Perhaps our intuition will lead us to an opportunity that we might have missed if we weren’t tuned in. Maybe we can avoid a traffic jam that will make us late for an appointment or avoid an argument. Tap into the well of inner knowing today and see what happens!

Today’s Universal Number 

We have a seven day. Seven is the seeker, she wants to understand everything and knows that knowledge and wisdom are gained by observation, by recognizing that things aren’t always what they appear. Seven is also a spiritual number. Today’s energy is perfect for beginning to work with our intuition.

Today’s Crystals

I picked two crystals that you might not think to use when developing your intuition. Amethyst and Moonstone are well known for this purpose but there are so many others to choose from. So I chose Flourite and Sodalite. Flourite is an excellent choice when we need extra focus and purple flourite works well with the third eye which is the seat of our intuition. Sodalite is a crystal of thought and is a great choice for stimulating our inner knowing.

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