Better Late than Never!?

by elementhealing

I’m coming to you this evening from Minneapolis Minnesota, Chanhassen to be specific. I love this city. This is my third time here and understand why Prince loved it so much.

As you know I didn’t get the Daily Draw posted this morning, I intended to. I got up extra early to get it done so that I could be on the road by 7am. It’s a six hour drive from where I live to Minneapolis and there are some storms moving through that I wanted to get ahead of.

WordPress had other plans, like not letting me in! I tried and tried so many times that I got locked out and needed to wait for a while before it would let me prove I’m me and try to reset my password. So, even though it’s a bit late, here is…

Today’s Daily Draw

King of Wands Reversed ~ Ace of Wands

Most people like to believe that they have the best, most creative ideas. Sometimes to the point of not even considering other possibilities. We had the King of Wands Coming to visit with the Ace of Wands today. He is a strong and idealistic and creative man, but not necessarily one that likes to be outdone. People in positions of authority rarely like to be challenged, but he can be argumentative, judgmental and a bit impulsive when his ideas are not considered the best. We may find ourselves in a similar position in our work or personal lives today. What we are facing is the potential for a wonderful new opportunity, with the Ace, that we could miss if we aren’t careful. We need to be willing to look at all the possibilities in front of us without worrying about who has the best idea. What is important for us today is that we be open minded enough to let creative energy flow and ride with it.

Today’s Universal Number

How fitting that we have the potential for a great new creative beginning and a one day. Get out there today and make things happen!!

Today’s Crystals

I chose Angelite and Carnelian to accompany BJ’s draw. Angelite has a gentle energy but it is not too gentle to stand against our King. Angelite helps us open our minds to allow new ideas to come in. Carnelian is a crystal of courage and creativity and a pretty good choice for today’s journey.

Thank you BJ for another wonderful draw!
If you would like to get hold of him, contact me and I will put you in touch.