Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Clear Out The Old

Whether or not we are aware of it we are always making decisions, changing our minds and working through issues. But, what do we do with the residue of all our decisions and issues? Well we generally hang onto them because letting things go can be so hard. Even when that thing we are hanging onto has emotions wrapped around it, like the memory of a loved one telling us we will never make our dreams come true or something an ex gave us that we can’t seem to throw out. Unfortunately when our lives and minds are cluttered with stuff we no longer need, new things can’t find their way in. Clear Out the Old chose us to let us know that it is safe to release what is no longer needed in our lives. This is never easy but if we are going to move forward it is something we need to do. Letting go is not a once and done thing. It’s a process we must continually work. What do we need to release today? Have we been angry at someone and it’s time to forgive? Do we have issues with work that have been bothering us? Do we have things in our homes that we never use but are still in good shape? Let’s do what we can to let go of what we no longer need and make room for all the wonderful things that are on their way to us!

Today’s Universal Number 

We are ending the month with a master number, 11/2. As you know the 11 is a number of balance, and peace. This is also an energy that is very intuitive and diplomatic. These will come in handy today.

Today’s Crystals

Letting go of things is difficult because it involves more than one Chakra, from our root where we feel safe, our solar plexus where we get our sense of identity to our third eye where we think and form opinions. I am traveling for a couple more days and don’t have many crystals with me but I do have a piece of Garnet. This is a crystal that works well with the root chakra and can bring the fire of committment back to us to allow letting go and moving forward to happen.

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