Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Make a Decision

Of all the decisions we make in a day, how many of them have a truly lasting impact on our lives? It could be said that many of them do to some degree. Decisions in our jobs help us provide for our families. Choices in the supermarket help us put healthy meals on the table. We can decide on the blue shoes or the black ones but what have we done lately for us? Have we made any decisions that will bring us closer to our best versions of ourselves? Is life going the way we want it to or would we like to change something? What is it that needs to change? Do we need a new or better job? Would going back to school be a benefit? Do we need to end a relationship that isn’t working? Are we holding onto limiting thoughts about ourselves or judgmental beliefs of others?People fall into patterns of behavior and expectations that what we live is all there is or ever will be. But, my friends that isn’t so. We have the authority and the permission to make our lives what we choose and Make A Decision is here to let us know that today is a good day to get started being the best us we can be.

Today’s Universal Number 

We are starting out the month of July with a one day. So we may be motivated to get out and get some things done. One is a masculine number, strong, courageous and not afraid to step out into uncharted territory. Let’s tap into that energy and have a great day!

Today’s Crystals 

How cool is it that I just happened to have the exact crystals I needed for the draw with me as I am traveling! For today I have Amethyst and Labradorite. Both work well with our third eye and will help us make choices that will move us forward to becoming our best selves.

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