Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Maintain Your Childlike Spirit

Children are interesting, they have a light of innocence that shines brightly from them. Have you ever watched a child climb to the top of the sofa and leap into the air because they were sure they could fly? They are fearless, open, and so unconditional. Children love, trust and share without question or expectation. A young child will not judge or hate or be greedy. Everything is new, exciting and magickal. Sadly this time of openness doesn’t last long. By the time a child begins school, life has already begun to jade them. Maintain Your Childlike Spirit came to let us know that we can change this if we choose. Open up and see the world through the eyes of your inner child. Let that child out, do something fun and remember what it feels like to be excited about life. About all it’s possibilities. Remember lying in the grass and watching ants scurry around, or looking for four leaf clover? Go ahead and give it a try. If there is a zoo near by go hang out, watch the animals and see the look of pure amazement in the children’s eyes. Ask what your inner child like to do today? Then go have some fun!!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s number is perfect! We have an 11/2 energy and this combination of strength, courage and intuitive energy will come in so handy as we let our inner child out to play! Go and have some fun!!

Inner Child, Today’s Crystals

After giving it some thought I chose Rose Quartz. It seemed like the perfect crystal because it is about love and that is what children do because they don’t know how to do anything else until they are taught. With love there is kindness, mercy, friendship, and so much possibility.

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