Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Gratitude & Appreciation

Being grateful and appreciative is important. Yes everyone has bad days. It isn’t easy to see the bright side of anything when we’re up to our ears in the mire that life sometimes heaps on us. One bad attitude spreads like wildfire in a drought and makes life miserable for everyone. How we handle our bad day is a choice we have to make. Gratitude & Appreciation came to tell us that finding the positive is what we might need to do today. A shift in our perspective is all it takes to start turning things around. Look for reasons to be grateful and we’ll find them. Thank you is a powerful word that makes everyone feel better. You didn’t get stuck in traffic. Awesome, Thank you! A co-worker went out of their way to get something done that wasn’t their job. Tell them how much you appreciate the effort. Someone held the elevator for you. The kids finally cleaned their rooms. Tell them thank you and you appreciate it, just don’t mention that you had to tell them five times! Like everything in life, our attitude is a choice. Choose happy and grateful!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is three. The three energy is light, happy, creative and joyful. What a lovely energy to have at our disposal today!

Today’s Crystals

There are so many crystals to choose from that will assist what every we need to work on. From the quartz family alone, clear quartz, citrine or rose quartz could help someone see the up side to a bad situation, but I chose Iolite and Apatite today. Iolite helps us be appreciative by allowing us to work through and release negative energy and unwanted beliefs and attitudes. Apatite is a crystal the expands the way we think, making us aware of other things going on around us physically as well as metaphysically. By being aware we have the opportunity to change.

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