Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


It doesn’t matter what we want to be good at. Whether it’s meditating, a sport, a video game, playing an instrument, acting, our job or even a relationship. If we want to be really good at anything it is going to take two things, time and practice. We have to be willing to show up and put in the work if we want to get better and grow what ever that skill might be. Even the people born with a gift in a particular area have to practice and hone that gift into something truly spectacular. Practice came to tell us that if we are trying something new, or re-committing to something we have turned away from, be patient and don’t beat ourselves if we don’t get it right the first time or the second. Growing a skill takes time. Babies fall a lot before they learn to stand and walk. Stay committed and keep trying. Expect a few falls, it’s going to happen so have fun with it, but remember every fall get’s us closer to that moment when we’ve nailed it!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is the 4th of July in America and the universal energy is also a four so we have a double dose of energy going on today. The energy of a four is dependable, efficient and structured. It’s staying committed to what is important. This energy is about building a solid foundation that we can stand on to keep moving forward.

Today’s Crystals

To stay committed to a goal I chose Pyrite and Garnet. Pyrite is a pretty cool option. It can help boost our confidence and get moving toward what ever we need, or want to achieve. Garnet comes in a range of colors but they give us the fire we need, the committment and dedication to an idea, a goal, a person, our family and even to ourselves.

Thankyou BJ for today’s guest reading! If you would like to contact him
for a personal reading let me know and I will put you in touch.