Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Show Your Support

Knowing we have a support system, a group of family or friends that we know we can count on to be there for us if we need them, gives us comfort and the courage to follow our dreams and be who we are. Show Your Support chose us to let us know that we may be someones support system today. Stay in the moment and be aware of whats going on. Call on an elderly neighbor or family member to see how they are doing in the summer heat. Lend a hand where we see an opportunity to be a help. Offer a shoulder and a friendly ear to someone who needs it. Be willing to take the time to offer love and friendship where it’s needed today. The world is a scary place so be a light in someones day and share some love.

Today’s Universal Number 

The universal energy we have to help us today is the six. This is the second step on the path of love and it’s focus is on caring for those around us. Six is a multiple of three so there is a creative aspect to our day which will help us do our best to be of help to those we can today.

Today’s Crystals

Rose Quartz seemed a perfect choice to accompany today’s card. It is, after all, a crystal for love, self love, and forgiveness as well as being a heart chakra crystal. My second choice goes in a slightly different direction, and that is Aquamarine. This choice is a throat chakra crystal but its gentle energy encourages compassion and service to others. It’s also a good choice for people who are caregivers. Being a nurse or a caregiver for an ill family member can be a physical and emotional drain. Aquamarine will encourage them to speak up and let people know when they need a break.

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