Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Trust Your Own Understanding

Recognising and learning to trust our intuition can take time. As children it’s easy because we are so much closer to our real selves. As we grow, the illusion of life and all that goes with it causes us to either not trust that connection to our higher selves or tune it out altogether. We might want to rethink the tuning it out thing and pay attention to our feelings that something might not be right today. Trust Your Own Understanding chose us and her message is that there may be come confusion around us that could very well cause some problems. Perhaps we are feeling like we aren’t being told the truth, maybe there are some mixed details around a project at work or in our personal lives that could derail everything. The first thing we need to do is not get angry, that won’t help the situation. Before we make any final decisions it will be important to check the details and verify our facts. Then trust our intuition. Believe that what we know to be truth about what is going on is correct and continue on with our plans. Don’t force a stand-off, just let things flow. Be patient, the truth will come out and any lies and misinformation will be in the open for everyone to see.

Today’s Universal Number   

Seven is our universal energy and it’s desire for knowledge and wisdom will be useful in our quest to discover the truth behind our intuitive feelings that something may not be quite right today.

Today’s Crystals

When dealing with intuition we want crystals that work well with our third eye and our heart chakras. We have to know in our head and feel in our heart that something is truth. So to this end I chose Sodalite and Chrysoprase. Both encourage knowledge and truth. Sodalite is a crystal of truth and works to open and expand our psychic/intuitive ability. Chrysoprase is known as the crystal of divine truth and this we feel in our heart chakra. It give us the courage to accept that truth and to trust our intuitive connection to the divine.

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