Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Open Your Heart

It’s wonderful to see friendships and marriages that have lasted for decades. Love is one of the main lessons we come to this plane to learn and it certainly isn’t an easy one. We make it difficult by getting our egos in the way and placing limits and expectations on love that aren’t supposed to be there. Real love is unconditional, it doesn’t demand, set limits or place expectations. Love just loves. This is the message of our card, Open Your Heart. The opportunity for deep unconditional loving relationships is all around us in the family and friends we surround ourselves with. This requires us to be willing to open our hearts and be vulnerable and this is not an easy task. Being open means the possibility of being disappointed or hurt. But, that’s the lesson isn’t it? Let’s examine our relationships and see if we are being fully open to allowing love to bring us all that an unconditional relationship has to offer.

Today’s Universal Number

We have an eight day today and we could be looking for some balance in our lives. That could mean reorganizing our priorities and making more time for the things and people who matter most. This might mean some tough decisions but the eight is a strong energy and more than capable of handling it.

Today’s Crystals

All crystals and gemstones bring a range of energy that help us heal and grow to become the best we can be. With today’s card being a focus on love, I chose Rose Quartz but I also brought in other crystals that can help bring loving relationships into our lives. Some of the other crystal choices are Selenite, Jade, Garnet, Rhodonite, Moonstone and Lapis lazuli.

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