Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Everyone understands what it is to be irritated by something like a dripping faucet, a persons repetitive behavior like tapping a pen on the table or getting lost when we thought we understood the directions. These kinds of things are annoying but we usually don’t hang onto the negative emotion. We forgive the annoyance because there is no reason to let it keep bothering us. Having someone not understand us or treat us badly; now that’s not so easy to release is it? We can hang onto that emotional pain for decades. We poke at it sometimes to keep the pain raw and fresh. Some people wear anger and her sisters bitterness, rage and cousin judgment like a badge of honor. They would rather stubbornly hold on to the idea that they were wronged than let it go and be happy. Forgiveness chose us today and asks us to be willing to forgive if someone hurts us. She also asks if we are holding a past offense that needs to be released from our heart. Forgiving doesn’t mean that what someone did was acceptable. It doesn’t mean we will forget the offence. To forgive means that we are no longer willing to let that moment in time have a place in our heart and our life anymore. We acknowledged the offense, felt the pain, learned from it and chose to let it go and be happy instead.

Today’s Universal Number 

We are starting out the week with a one energy, a new beginning! One is strong, bold and ready to get moving. So let’s go!

Today’s Crystals

To release anger and the pain that goes with it I chose Rutilated Quartz and Rhodonite. Rutilated Quartz will help us let go of the negative energy and get to the root of the issue causing our anger. Once we understand the cause we can acknowledge it and release it. Rhodonite will help us fill the space that anger held with compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and the person who wronged us. Allowing us to move on.

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