Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


 Strength, confidence and feeling powerful are personal qualities we all desire to have tucked away in our pack of superpowers. It seems effortless for some people to stand and speak, whether it’s a work setting or with family and friends. The reality is that personal power is in us all and this is the message of today’s card, Power. Being made in the image of our creator means that we have the ability to shape our lives into whatever reality we choose. We have the power to be who we chose to be and speak our truth, with love of course. Sure there are going to be people that will not agree with us. There may even be people that might ridiclue or try to bully us. We have the right to stand our ground. Depending on the situation perhaps a compromise can be achieved. If we find ourselves in a place where being speaking our truth about something is necessary. Step out of any fear and share it. It could be that it is a better solution to a problem than what has been presented.

Today’s Universal Number

The universal energy we have around us today is the two. This energy is one that seeks peace. It is a nurturing energy and will help us find the strength to do what we need to do. It is also about duality and partnerships so we find ourselves working in teams to get a job done or perhaps having some alone time with someone special!

Today’s Crystals

Carnelian or Red Jasper would be good choices for today but I went in a different direction with my crystal choice and picked Lapis Lazuli and Citrine. Lapis Lazuli is a good crystal for the throat chakra. It will give us the confidence to speak your truth. Citrine is a great choice for the third chakra because it give us the energy boost to get out and succeed!

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