Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


We know that energy follows focus and our thoughts become our experiences. This means that our focus and our expectations matter, a great deal. The card that came up for us today is Intention. She asks us to take a look at the things we are focusing on. Are these possibilities that we envision for ourselves what truly want? Are our thoughts and feelings in line with our vision for the future? Are we giving 100% of our energy to creating the reality that we desire? Take some time to do a self check of our expectations today? What do we want to accomplish? What do we want to manifest short and long term in our lives? Think of our goals as seeds that we plant in our minds and hearts. It is our intentions that plant the seeds but it is focus and action that nourish them and allow them to grow.

Today’s Universal Number 

We are at a three day today, a third of the way through another mini cycle. Wow, time does fly. The three is a creative and joy filled number, a number of expression. Three is also the number of triadic union. Let’s take advantage of today’s energy to find creative, fun ways to reach our goals and make sure that our goals, the universe and our guides are on the same page.

Today’s Crystals 

The crystals I chose to accompany today’s card are Clear Flourite, Labradorite and Clear Quartz. The flourite will help us find clarity about what our true intentions and desires are. Labradorite will help creat the magick that to manifest them to this reality and clear quartz will help get rid of any negative thought that could be in the way and boost the energy of the flourite and labradorite.

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