Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Truth & Integrity

Honesty can be scary, especially when it comes to being honest with ourselves. Everyone wants to be told the truth. But to open our heart and let the truth out, whatever the situation may be, leaves us defenceless. Nobody wants to be that vulnerable, so we sometimes live with a version of truth that is acceptable. We stay in relationships or jobs that don’t work for us anymore. We find excuses to not do things we want to do. “I’m too busy to go to the gym today, I’ll go tomorrow” or we ignore what might be a health issue because we don’t want to go to a doctor and be told there is something wrong. Truth & Integrity asks us to be real with ourselves today. We know where we want to go but to get there means that we have to do the physical and emotional work. Some days that work feels like we are trying to move a mountain with a spoon. All we have to do is release it.  Letting go of things that don’t resonate with our highest good is never easy, but it is necessary. Let’s be willing to ask ourselves the hard questions. Are we living our truth? Are we just talking the talk? What needs to change? It is a hard mirror to look in but don’t judge the reflection. Becoming who we want to be and getting where we want to go means being honest with ourselves and doing the work that will help us get there. That is an act of self love, not self judgment.

Today’s Universal Number

Talk about synchronicity. We have a card asking us to do the work necessary to be true to ourselves and today is a four day. Four is doing the work, finding the structure and being disciplined and laying the foundation that we can build on.

Today’s Crystals

Today was an unusually easy crystal choice day for me. I chose Rutiladed Quartz and Lapis Lazuli. Rutilated Quartz is like a light shining in the dark. It spreads its beam everywhere to help us find the truths that are trying to hide. It is a wonderful crystal for helping us focus positive energy on a goal and helps get our energy moving. Lapis Lazuli is a high energy crystal. It helps us work to get rid of thought patterns and beliefs that do not serve our highest good which allows us to be authentically who we are.

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