Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Have you ever had so much going on at once that you couldn’t concentrate long enough to get anything done? Or been so focused on a problem that finding a solution wasn’t even on the radar? Of course, we all have at one time or another. Maybe this week has been like that, but today may have its issues because Focus has come to remind us to stay on track. Don’t let distractions get in the way of the things we need or want to accomplish. They do have a lovely way of pulling us off course don’t they. Like cookies fresh out of the oven, yup! If there is a lot to do, put the needed attention on the most important or time sensitive thing first. No matter how big a job it might be. Get it done and out-of-the-way. Delegate some of the list to someone capable and don’t worry about the rest right now. Another aspect of focus that we may want to consider today is our thoughts. We know that energy follows focus and our thoughts become our experiences. So, what we think is important. It’s not always easy to concentrate on the good when what we think is bad looms large over our lives or we have seven things on our mind at once. It takes time to retrain our brain, especially if we’ve been or are surrounded by negativity. It takes time to learn how to get the mental clutter under control. Fortunately, we have time!

Today’s Universal Number

How appropriate is focus choosing us on a five energy day? I had to chuckle, seriously! We all know that five is about variety, change and learning to deal with it. Yes, sometimes change is good and fun. It’s a matter of deciding how much, when and how dedicated we are to getting a task done. Five is about fun as well so when the work is done, get out and have a great time!

Today’s Crystals

I chose three crystals to accompany today’s card. The first is Fluorite, one of my favorite “goto” crystals for situations where focus is needed. It helps us find the clarity needed to stay on track. Hematite is my second choice and this may seem a bit odd to some. This is a wonderful choice for grounding and when we have multiple things going on at once or we are finding it hard to reach a solution to a problem, grounding is just what we need. My third choice for the day is Septarian. I love this little beauty! Septarian helps us keep our focus on one thing at a time. This baby stays on my desk right next to the fluorite and the hematite!!!

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