Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Have you ever felt trapped, powerless to do or say anything to free yourself from an unwanted situation or felt obligated to take part in an activity that you really didn’t want to be a part of? Of course, most of us have and it’s not at all a comfortable space to be. Freedom chose us to bring the message that what we do and say is our personal choice. We alone give other people the authority to impose restrictions on us, like our boss at work. When we feel trapped it is our thoughts, beliefs and actions that are creating a self-imposed prison around us. It’s only when we see that we have the power to free ourselves that we become free. We always have the choice to do or not do something. Yes, sometimes a compromise is necessary, but the outcome of that compromise is a choice we make and live with. What does this message mean for us today? If we find ourselves in a situation where we feel like we are being pushed or obligated to do something we don’t want to do, take a moment and give the emotions we are feeling some thought. Did we make a promise that we need to keep? The next question is how important is our word? Are we being asked to do something at work that we feel isn’t the best or most efficient option? The choice we have is to come forward and ask that the job be given to someone else or present a better way to do the requested job. Sometimes of course we simply have to do those uncomfortable things because we love. We love our family, so we go to work in order to take care for them. We love our partner, so we go to visit the in-laws. We love our kids, so we take them to the park. We love our life, so we take care of ourselves and push to take the uncomfortable risk to move forward on our path.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a seven day. The energy of the seven seeks insight and understanding and this will be helpful for us if we find ourselves in a place where we need to understand the underlying emotions about what is going on around us and within us.

Today’s Crystals 

After thinking about all the options to accompany today’s card I chose Citrine and Turquoise. Citrine is a crystal that works well with the solar plexus. It gives us the confidence, the feeling of personal power we need to do what we need to do and express our feelings. Turquoise works well with the throat chakra which is the center for our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

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