Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

New Love

Love in all it’s forms is wonderful, exciting, frustrating and can hurt like crazy once in a while, but I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want love it in their life. Love is the card that chose us this morning and with it comes a message that we are beginning a new phase of love, what a way to begin a week! If we are in a relationship we could be entering into a deeper more stable and meaningful time with the one we love. If we are having problems with a partner, friend or family member, perhaps today that connection can be put on the path of healing. For those that are single be open to possibility. Don’t put expectations on what love must be. You never know, that perfect person may have been in our line of sight for a while and has gone un noticed because of what we think we want in a mate. Be open to love in all it’s forms today and let those that matter the most to us know how much we love and appreciate them. ❤

Today’s Universal Number

The number eight holds a desire for balance and stability. Things need to be in order and make sense. We may want to make extra sure that everything is in line and done correctly today. Have the correct processes been followed and are we on track?

Today’s Crystals

There are always several crystal to choose from and today I chose Rose Quartz, of course, because it is a crystal of unconditional love. It also helps us heal and forgive when we have been hurt by love or loss. My second choice is Jade which helps us bring love into our lives and my third choice is Garnet to help keep the romance going strong!

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