Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t want something better for their life and family. Whether it’s a big thing like a home in a better neighborhood, a more dependable car, a job that pays a more or perhaps what we desire most is feeling loved and at peace. Manifestation came to let us know that those things we truly desire to create a more stable life and future can be ours with focused attention. Energy follows focus so our thoughts become our reality. Sometimes very quickly, sometimes not but, it always works! Unfortunately when we are focused on those things we don’t want, like more bills to pay, that is exactly what we get. The universe is absolutely unbiased and will deliver whatever our energy is sending out. Are we thinking of making a change in our lives today? It can be done but it will take work. Make a manifestation board. Put pictures of all those things that you want to bring into your life on the board. Decorate it so that it looks beautiful, then meditate on those desired items every day. Write positive affirmations and put them up where they can be seen often. When you look at them, pause for a moment, read them and let the words become a part of you. Carry something with you that will remind you of the change you want to manifest. All of these things help retrain our brain away from a negative mind to a positive one. Negative thoughts like blame, shame, judgment, anger, guilt, and envy will not get us to the place we want to be. Only positive thoughts based in love and gratitude will. If we want something new and different, all we have to do is change our minds!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is a one. We are feeling strong and ready to get out and make something fantastic happen!

Today’s Crystals  

When it comes to crystals and manifesting, every crystal can help manifest something into our lives. Clear Quartz is amazing, it can be programmed for any purpose. Aventurine will bring us opportunities that we can use to get us where we want to go. Citrine can help us manifest success in whatever we are working toward. Pyrite can help us manifest financial security by making us aware of how we are spending our money. All crystals help manifest better health in some way. For example if you have a problem with your thyroid, Garnet can help. Do you need grounding? Black Tourmaline can help. I chose Aventurine and Malachite today because these can help manifest abundance. I have already mentioned aventurine so I will speak to the malachite. This beautiful crystal, with its ribbons of green flowing through it helps manifest prosperity, whatever that is to you and it has this wonderful ability to filter out people who do not have your highest good in mind and it brings to you those that do.