Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Peace Pipe

Life is complicated and that is alright, it keeps things interesting. If life did not have its messy, confusing miscommunications we would lose out on learning opportunities and we wouldn’t have stories tell. Let’s face it sometimes complicated is seriously funny. It is the opposite of funny that our card Peace Pipe is talking about today. We trust that the people we care about will not hurt us but, there are times that misunderstandings lead to words spoken with judgment, anger, blame, ridicule and shame. The pain of broken trust is what hurts the most. Beyond the moment’s pain comes forgiveness. This is a difficult thing to ask for and to give but it’s value is priceless. Forgiving allows us to let go of the hurt and move on. It’s an act of self love that says ‘My happiness is more important than holding onto the pain.” Peace Pipe asks if we holding onto something that needs to be released? If someone said or did something that hurt us, sit down with them and talk it out. Maybe we did something that we feel bad about. Apologize and forgive. Learn the lesson and love enough to let it go.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a seven day. Seven is the beginning of the higher numbers. The energy of this number seeks to know the how, the why and then to understand what this means in the overall scheme of things.

Today’s Crystals

I started out looking at today’s message from the vantage point of conflict resolution. In this case we could use Rutilated Quartz or lapis Lazuli but resolving conflict is more about peace and forgiveness. To that purpose I chose Rose Quartz for its energy of unconditional love and forgiveness for others and ourselves. The second crystal I chose is Rhodonite because it has the energy of compassion. The act of compassion allows us to see with our heart and forgive. Sometimes that means we still walk away from unhealthy situations but at least we can do it with understanding and forgiveness instead of anger.