Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Three of Swords ~ Reversed

The Three of Swords is a card that talks to us about loss and the emotional, sometimes, physical disruption it can bring to our lives. Losing anything that meant a great deal to us can make us feel like we are hanging in mid-air, not able to move, we’re just waiting to come crashing to the ground to feel the pain all over again. Our card is reversed though. This tells us that the event is in the past. Whether it was the loss of a job, a betrayal, abuse, a relationship fell apart or the death of someone we loved. We made it through the event, crashed to the ground and we are left wondering what now. Well, we keep moving. It might be on autopilot for a while as we work our way through the emotions left behind. We learn the lessons, forgive, let go, put our lives back together and we survive! We might be feeling the effects of whatever our loss was today. Maybe something will happen to remind us. It’s alright though. We can handle it!

Today’s Universal Number

We have an eight day and the energy will work nicely for us. Eight is strong, powerful and all about finding balance and structure in our lives. This is a good energy to have around today!

Today’s Crystals

The crystals I chose to accompany todays card are Aquamarine and Rose Quartz. Aquamarine is a crystal that has a wonderful calming energy that helps us get past emotional pain so that we can let it go. I chose Rose Quartz because after any kind of emotional event we need some unconditional self love.

Thankyou BJ for today’s guest reading!
He is a private person so if you would like to contact him
let me know and I will put you in touch.