Citrine in the Morning Light

by elementhealing

This crystal is a form of Quartz and can be found in a color range of light to deep yellow. Citrine being a member of the quartz family brings light to our energy field, stimulates creative thinking to help turn ideas into reality, and lifts our mood. Physically, citrine helps regenerate tissue and balance hormone levels. In the chakra system it works well with the solar plexus.

It’s known as an abundance/success crystal. Merchants, back in the day would keep a piece in their cash box to ensure a profitable business.

This particular piece is special because it is a Phantom. You can see it in this picture. I didn’t realize it was a phantom when it found me. I just loved it and had to buy it. A Citrine Phantom brings great abundance and prosperity. They aid past life work, astral travel,  soul journeying and allows access to the Akashic records.

I must mention that, although I talk about the healing qualities of crystals in these posts, I am not a doctor. I am not suggesting that anyone abandon allopathic medicine but, suggesting that there are other possibilities that can enhance treatment options.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon