Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The people in our lives are so important to us. How often do we fully engage in our conversations with them? If we are going to be honest with ourselves, perhaps not as often as we would like to admit. It can be a valid argument that life is busy and there is so much going on, but that will only go so far, won’t it? We can get so involved in the activity of our lives that we don’t actively interact with family or friends. Listening came with the message that to listen requires that more than just our ears. When we are truly listening our whole bodies are activated. Our brain processes the words spoken to determine the message, our intuition may be at work to find subtler unspoken meanings, our hearts feel the emotion and our bodies respond in kind with smiles, laughter or tears, hugs or maybe slamming doors. Being present and meaningfully invested in listening builds stronger relationships with the people in our lives as well as stronger connections with our Guardians, Guides and the Divine. Let’s slow down, unplug, set the cell phone down, turn off the TV and reconnect today. In life, we never know when this time might be the last time.

Today’s Universal Number  

Today is a one day and we are beginning again. Whether it is a new idea, a new project or even a new outlook. Be courageous, be bold and determined to go out and get started!

Today’s Crystals

After over thinking the crystal choice, I am admitting I over think this part :), I chose Lapis Lazuli and Kyanite. Both work well with the higher chakras and allow good meaningful communication.