Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Gratitude & Appreciation

How often are we truly grateful for what we have? Do we appreciate the people in our lives or do they get lost on the list of things we need to tend to. We live in a society that pushes us to live beyond our means and place our jobs before anything else. Gratitude & Appreciation came up for us and asks, are we grateful for what we have in our lives? Do we let our family, friends and even co-workers know how much we appreciate having them in our circle? It’s easy to get lost in routine and responsibility but, when we live in a state of thankfulness what matters the most to us is at the top of our priority list instead of treading water at the bottom. Take a look around today and see all good and wonderful things that there is to be grateful for. We may not have everything we would like, yet, but we have what we need. We have people who love us and that is way more than some have. We don’t have to spend our lives playing the keep up with the Jones’s game, being happy is so much better.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is a three, how cool is that? There are no accidents. The three energy is joyful and expressive. It’s a perfect number for today. Tell people how much you appreciate them today. Do something fun and spontaneous. Pack a picnic and have dinner in the park. Take the kids to the zoo. Go for a hike. Enjoy the day!

Today’s Crystals 

I chose Aventurine and Angelite to accompany todays card. We know that aventurine brings opportunities to us and helps us clear negative patterns from our lives. It also helps us be optimistic and be grateful for what life has brought us. Angelite has a very gentle energy but still packs a punch. This crystal helps us connect with our angel guides. It works well with the throat, third eye and crown chakras to help us express our gratitude and appreciation.