Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Celebrate Differences

Psychologists have been studying the human personality for decades to discover whether our personalities are fixed at a certain age or change as we grow. The environment we are born into and experiences we have in our lives certainly play a role in developing who we are. That is not to say we can’t change limiting beliefs or our self-destructive behaviors, life is about growth and change. Celebrate Differences came today and she brings a message of acceptance. We all have quirks and habits that occasionally get on someones last nerve and this may be the case today. If so, take a few minutes to understand where the annoying behavior is coming from and whether there is a lesson we can to learn from it. Understanding and compassion will help clear up a misunderstanding. Life is an exchange, we all have something to learn from one another. Each of us is unique and that uniqueness is what draws people into our lives. let’s celebrate those differences today!

Today’s Universal Number     

We have the five energy today and we might be feeling the need to break out and do something different. Five is a number that adores change and variety. Take a different route to or from work, try a new restaurant. Be open and have some fun!

Today’s Crystals

For accepting our differences I chose two crystals that work with the heart chakra. The first is Rose Quartz because it is the crystal of unconditional love for ourselves and others. My other choice is Chrysoprase. This crystal is a type of quartz and will help us overcome negative feelings and bring us back to a place of balance and joy.