Tourmalinated Quartz in the Morning Light

by elementhealing

Black Tourmaline and Quartz in the same crystal creates a powerful combination of energies. The quartz can be found in a range of clear to white with ribbons of the tourmaline visible.
The power of these two minerals is in their ability to neutralize negative and electromagnetic energy. Putting a piece near your computer, tv or cell phone will help draw the EMF’s away from you.
Tourmalinated Quartz is an excellent crystal for purifying our systems of negative physical and psychic energy. It energises our chakras and is wonderful for helping us clear mind clutter.
Emotionally this crystal will help us get rid of negaitvity we are hanging onto from past relationships and experiences.
This crystal also protects and helps ground us to our life purpose this time around. To ensure we keep and fulfil our agreed upon life contract.
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon